AIPS / GLASGOW: Once he was a university student with only $42 in his bank account, then track and field changed his life. “We have to live in the moment, sometimes as individuals we lose sight of what we have here in front of us” says Grant Holloway at the Glasgow at the World Indoor Athletics Championships.  

Holloway’s goal for these championships is to continue adding to his resume. During his university years he knew that athletics was his only way out. The 26-year-old has felt the need to force his way into the position he is in now. “Now that I made it out, I’m going to work 20 times as hard to make sure I keep it.” 

Reflecting on having $42 to his name, keeps him grounded and humble and with the help of his team he hopes that society sees the type of guy he truly is.

When I asked him about the message he wants to send across by being so playfull at all times, he promptly responded: “ At times I might say something completely off the wall, I might say something inspirational, that’s just who I am. For athletics we always try to put this face, I got it all figured out.” 

Holloway showed his true self during the world athletics press conference, making jokes with Josh Kerr, prompting him to say “no comment” in response to a reports question. Jumping out his seat acting as if he’s going to leave because he wasn’t asked a question by a reporter he chose. Reacting to the external noise around the stadium. By doing this it brought the intensity of the conference down, everyone was laughing, and it relaxed the mood. 

When asked by fellow athlete why he didn’t participate in the USA final, he joked: “I have more world titles than USA titles… I continue to put myself in successful positions, so I don’t have to try out for the team.”

Holloway showed that stressing for the future can be pointless, because there are moments in the present that can be missed. So, when the Paris Olympic topic was brought up he reminded the audience his focus is now in Glasgow: “We remember championships more than records, for me if I’m about to compete and give it 110%, win, lose, or draw I can live with it.” 

Holloway seems more concern about  enjoiyng every moment and opportunity.