NADINE ALSHEIKH HASSAN – AIPS / LAUSANNE: Together with San Marino Post, the San Marino Sports Press Association (ASSS) has unveiled a commemorative post stamp to honour the centennial celebration of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS), marking a significant milestone in the illustrious history of AIPS.

ONE CENTURY JOURNEY Over the past century, AIPS has been at the forefront of defending the rights and interests of sports journalists worldwide, fostering a community of professionals dedicated to upholding the highest standards of ethical reporting and integrity, and inspiring future generations to continue the pursuit of truth, fairness, and excellence in reporting the world of sports.

In an exclusive AIPS interview, we spoke to Elia Gorini, President of ASSS and one of the youngest leaders among AIPS-affiliated National Associations, who shared his journey and the success story of ASSS’s commemorative postal stamp. Elaborating on how the unique idea evolved, taking us through the step-by-step process from concept to realization.

CAREER BEGINNINGS Mr. Elia Gorini. The Deputy Sports Editor and Broadcast journalist for San Marino RTV, the official Radio and Television of the Republic of San Marino. And the president of “Associazione Sammarinese Stampa Sportiva” since 2015. He took part in his first AIPS Congress in Sochi in 2013 as a delegate of the ASSS. Gorini is a Graduate of Business Economics and works mainly as a UEFA correspondent for San Marino.

PASSION FOR SPORTS We asked Mr. Gorini: Why sports journalism? The 1981-born answered without hesitation “In 1996, I was 15 years old when I sent my first radio commentary for San Marino RTV Radio Station. I have always had a great passion for football and sport. While I was in school, I dedicated most of my weekends to radio commentary.”

BECOMING ASSS LEADER Gorini’s journey with ASSS began after he started working at San Marino RTV, he took over after ASSS former president Piero Arcide’s retirement: “I was 34 years old back then. For me, It was a great honour to become the new president. Our association is very small, we only have 25 members. My wish would be to see a larger and more autonomous Association in the future.”

BIRTH OF AN IDEA ASSS President explained the birth of the AIPS centennial mail stamp idea: “The year 2024 holds significant importance for our association, established in 1984. We brainstormed various events and concepts to align with the momentous occasion of AIPS’s 100th anniversary. Leveraging San Marino’s rich tradition in philately, we presented the concept to Poste San Marino. We were delighted to receive the support of AIPS President Gianni Merlo throughout the process of this special milestone.”

MASTERMINDS The San Marino Sports Press Association has initiated contacts between AIPS and Poste San Marino through its representatives: General Director Gian Luca Amici, Deputy Director Paola Belluzzi and Administrative Assistant Letizia Lividini, with the consultation of AIPS President, Executive Board and Secretariat Office. This is ASSS’s first project to dedicate a special mail stamp, but it certainly won’t be the last.

SMALL BUT AMBITIOUS This noteworthy initiative has garnered positive coverage in the San Marino media, with reports featured on San Marino RTV and various local newspapers: “It is my aspiration that this initiative not only enhances the prestige of both San Marino and AIPS, but also serves as a means for our modest association to find recognition within the broader AIPS community.” Gorini stated“I think ASSS can play an important role in promoting sports locally and internationally. Despite being a small Association, we can do things well.”

ASSS MESSAGE What message would you like to convey to the global sports media community? When posed with this question, Gorini responded: “First of all, I hope that freedom of expression and right to obtain information is always guaranteed.” As for artificial intelligence, he expressed his desire, adding, “I hope that the work of humans will not be replaced by artificial intelligence. This world is running fast, propelled in part by the web, I firmly believe that harbouring doubt and conducting in-depth analyses are aspects we must continue to prioritize.”

ASSS 2024 AGENDA Delving into ASSS’s upcoming initiatives, Gorini emphasized the association’s dedicated effort and commitment to engage members and foster collaborations with other associations actively, “We are a small association that wants to do things well. Our ultimate dream is to witness our association’s members participating in the Olympic Games, a milestone we hope to realize in the near future”