—- Major Sudell’s Preston ‘Invincibles’ could not manage it; nor could Herbert Chapman legendary Arsenal of the 1930s; nor could the dominant Manchester United of Sir Alex Ferguson. But Manchester City have made history as the first club to win four league championship titles in succession.

There could be even more. Guardiola has another year on his contract with the club he has managed since 2016. After the title-clinching 3-1 defeat of West Ham – with two goals from newly crowned Footballer of the Year Phil Foden – he said: “We have talked with the club – my feeling is that I want to stay now. I will stay next season and during the season we will talk. But eight or nine years – we will see.”

The next challenge is next weekend’s FA Cup final against Manchester United.

Deserved guard of honour for Pep Guardiola

Guardiola was modest about his latest achievement, saying other managers such as Ferguson had achieved more than him in the past.

He was also full of praise for this season’s rivals, runners-up Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and hird-placed Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp.

Guardiola said: “We competed incredibly well again and at the end, for a little margin, we won it, we did it … We have done something incredible. If I landed here tomorrow and they would say that in the next seven years, you will win six Premier Leagues, I would say ‘are you crazy?’

“It’s the Premier League, it’s the toughest one. This is the toughest for many reasons, the lack of recovery.”

Guardiola paid emotional tribute to Klopp, who managed Liverpool for the last time on Sunday, saying he was a great personality who had driven him to new heights.

“I will miss him a lot. He has been very important in my life,” he said. “I just want to say thank you so much for his work. He helped me with his team. He has been a huge competitor in my life. With him, it has been so difficult.”

Arteta, his former assistant at Manchester City, was another formidable rival who was there to stay, Guardiola said.

Arsenal finished just two points behind Manchester City after pushing them to the final day of the season.

“We got the message from Mikel and his players, we got it,” he said. “We know they will be there for many years. Young manager with big talent – they sent us a message that you have to be careful for the next few years.”

Erling Haaland, who won the Premier League Golden Boot for top scorer, said Guardiola was a tough but fantastic leader.

“It’s a bit demanding at times. It’s tough, but look what he’s done. He demands a lot every single day,” he said. “If you don’t live up to what he expects you have a big problem. He’s demanding and he’s a lovely guy and I love him to pieces.”