FRANKFURT: European federation UEFA has clarified the regulations which will sort out the finishing positions in Euro finals Group E if both games are drawn and all four teams finish equal on four points.

This is how it will be resolved:

A) If the two draws have the same scoreline, or if Belgium vs. Ukraine is a draw with fewer goals than Slovakia vs. Romania, the group ranking would be based on goal difference and goals scored and would be:

1) Romania
2) Belgium
3) Slovakia
4) Ukraine

B) If the two draws have different scorelines, the following scenarios are anticipated:

If Belgium vs. Ukraine ends 1-1 and Slovakia vs. Romania ends 0-0, or any pair of results where Belgium score exactly one more goal than Romania in their draw, Belgium and Romania would occupy the first two positions in the group but would be equal on goal difference and goals scored. In that case, as per article 20.01d of the official competition regulations, the head-to-head criteria is reapplied exclusively to those two teams, which would mean Belgium ahead of Romania as they won their direct match. Slovakia would be third and Ukraine fourth on goal difference.

In all other scenarios, Romania and Belgium would occupy the top two spots in the group, split on goals scored. Belgium will win the group if they score two (or more) goals more than Romania in their draw; Romania would win the group if they score more goals than Belgium in their draw. Slovakia would finish ahead of Ukraine in third place based on goal difference.