LAUSANNE: Swiss club FC Sion have insisted that they will fight on to try to re-enter the Europa League despite a ruling against them on Thursday by the Court of Arbitration for Sport writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The CAS, supreme judicial body for sports disputes, supported the decision of the European federation, UEFA, to expel Sion from the Europa League last august on the grounds that the club had fielded a number of ineligible players.

However president Christian Constantin – revealed recently as one of the

richest Swiss on a level with tennis superstar Roger Federer – is awaiting the formal statement of judgment and will then appeal to the federal court.

This was stated by the club’s lawyer, Alexandre Zen-Ruffinen, who said: “We always knew we had no real chance of winning in CAS. It’s not a bad tribunal but, for issues of this magnitude and complexity, it is not sufficiently independent.

“The verdict changes nothing. We will continue to fight on in asking for the same right of justice as anyone else. We still have not ruled out taking part in the later stages of the Europa League.”