ZURICH: Brazil’s contentious, long-delayed, much-discussed 2014 World Cup Law will finally be approved next Tuesday, according to FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The world football federation’s World Cup progress-chaser has made that confident prediction in his latest blog on preparations for the finals. That will clear the way for FIFA president Sepp Blatter to fly to South America himself and join state President Dilma Rousseff in the formal ‘unveiling’ of the official slogan for the tournament.

Valcke – reflecting FIFA impatience over the saga – said: “By┬ánext Tuesday, we are hoping that the ‘2014 Bill’ will finally be voted in by the House of Representatives for the Special Commission for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, with the text reflecting the agreed discussions with the government. Thereafter, it will be presented in the Senate.

“We are hoping for an expedited process in this matter, in order for all the involved parties to get on with the job after years and months of talking and discussing the same matter. The finalisation of this will enable all parties, both at FIFA and in Brazil, to finally focus on the many operational and organisational duties that lie ahead for Brazil and FIFA, starting with the general infrastructure upgrades to the stadiums for the FIFA Confederations Cup.

“In particular, this legislative framework formed in the bill is crucial as it is the foundation for many key decisions to be implemented by the host cities, which had been put on hold until President Dilma Rouseff signs this ‘Lei Geral da Copa’, as it is called.

“So we remain optimistic that, as reassured by the Ministry of Sports andthe Relator of the Special Commission Vicente Candido, we will be able to move on. Once the bill is signed, this will be the moment when [the] FIFA president will come and visit Brazil to symbolically conclude this key milestone on the road to 2014, in a ceremony with President Rousseff, by unveiling the official slogan.”

Valcke’s commentary, on FIFA.com, included a note of congratulations to 1994 World Cup-winning striker Bebeto on his appointment to the organising authority board, following the appointment before Christmas of Ronaldo.

No mention was made by Valcke of Brazil’s football supremo and FIFA exco veteran Ricardo Teixeira.

He concluded: “We have busy but exciting times ahead of us. The ball is rolling, the final countdown is ticking. Together Brazil and FIFA, we can make it happen, to amaze the world and make sure that the dream of any football fan around the world will become true – to experience an unforgettable 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.”