NYON: UEFA will be  cutting  ticket prices for the Champions League final this season after, as president Michel Platini conceded, “forgetting” to control cost levels last year at Wembley.

The  cheapest tickets on general sale will fall to €70. Platini issued an apology for the 2011 pricing, which he described as “a mistake.”

In total 42,000 tickets will be available to the public for the 62,500-capacity Allianz Arena in Munich, with 7,000 on general sale and a further 35,000 to be distributed evenly to the two clubs who reach the May 19 final.

Some 13,000 tickets will be available in the ‘category four’ price bracket of €70. These will cost €90  (around £75) in total for UK purchasers, because of booking and despatch  fees.

Last year the cheapest tickets cost around £80 plus a booking fee and were only available to supporters of the finalists, with the cheapest general sale tickets costing £150 plus a booking fee. UEFA was  also criticised for the cost of the cheapest adult and child ‘youth packages’ they were offering, especially in view of the fact that the final had been moved to Saturdays from 2010 onwards in order to encourage more families to attend.