MANCHESTER: Gary Neville is worried that the Football Association is heading for trouble over an ever-lengthening string of problems ahead of England’s assault on the Euro 2012 finals in Poland and Ukraine.

The former England and Manchester United rightback said: “There’s something brewing at the moment.”There are situations still not being dealt with. There are player situations going into the tournament, there are manager situations going into the tournament –┬áit’s going to come round pretty quickly. It’s April next week.

“There’s manager, there’s players, there’s captain, there’s (the) court case, it’s not going to go away . . . and the FA are in a difficult position as always. If they actively go in there now and do something then it will be like a bull in china shop, if they step away from it’s very difficult position to be in.

“I do fear that there’s no right or wrong at times. It’s just do your best. But I do feel the vultures are circling.

“The England manager has started being mentioned again this week: we are going into a tournament and who is taking the team, what tactics are we going to play, what principles? They say they are going to wait until the end of the season – but that’s May 13.”

just six weeks away.

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