ZURICH/BRASILIA: FIFA has told the Brazilian Senate that president Sepp Blatter has no plans to visit the country in the immediate future.

This follows a demand from Senators that Blatter meet a commission studying the text of the World Cup Law which has been approved by the lower house, the congress, and has now reached the upper chamber.

FIFA’s secretary-general Jerome Valcke is to visit Brazil next week for the first time since his “kick up the backside” comments caused a storm last month. However senators have insisted they will not meet him and have demanded Blatter’s presence.

Roberto Requiao, a member of the commission, said: “We will not make down with the presence here of the FIFA co-ordinator. Our invitation was only to Blatter not to his minion. If Valcke turns up it will be out turn to give him a kick.”

FIFA has indicated that Blatter has no scheduled date for a return to Brazil. He was in Brasilia in the middle of last month for a World Cup ‘peace summit’ with President Dilma Rousseff.

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