LONDON: Manchester City won the league title after overturning an eight-point lead to haul back Manchester United and accept a trophy brought out for them by captain Vincent Kompany by 1968 heroes Tony Book and Mike Summerbee.

Manager Roberto Mancini, an Italian flag draped around his shoulders, said: “It was terrible because we deserved to win this title and this game. I don’t know how it was possible that we were 2-1 down 10 minutes from the end. The guys really wanted this title. It’s so vry important for our supporters. This is for them. Crazy season, crazy finale.”

Skipper Kompany add: “This season has been unbelievable. It’s been so emotional but when you win like we today there are no words to describe how you feel. People talk about the great Liverpool night in Istanbul and this was like that. We nearly threw it away – but we deserved to win the title.”

City are only the fifth club to win the Premier League in its 20 years.

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