MUNICH: Senior Olympic figures Thomas Bach and Lord Sebastian Coe are in total disagreement . . . over the outcome of tomorrow’s Champions League Final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea in Munich’s Allianz Arena.

Bach, vice-president of the International Olympic Committee and president of the German Olympic sports association, is confident that Bayern will carry off European club’s football most prestigious trophy . . . in defiance of Coe’s confidence in the Chelsea club where the chairman of the London 2012 Olympic organising authority is a season ticket-holder.

Bach said: “In the semi-finals I thought Bayern looked a class better than Chelsea. They will win 2-0.”

Coe – busy bringing the Olympic torch to England – did not predict a precise score. However he warned Bach: “Though Chelsea are playing one of Europe’s best clubs in their own stadium and will be missing some important players, I believe this is the Year of Chelsea.”

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