— European federation UEFA has come down hard on the Russian Football Union for the misbehaviour of their team’s fans during and after last Friday’s Euro 2012 Group A game against the Czech Republic in Wroclaw.

It remains to be seen whether further disciplinary action will events outside the Warsaw stadium before last night’s game against Poland.

Russian fans make their presence felt before the Warsaw clash with Poland

UEFA’s disciplinary commission has punished Russia with a suspended deduction of six points for duration of the qualifying competition for the Euro 2016 tournament. The Russians have also been fined €120,000 for the “improper conduct of its supporters (crowd disturbances), the setting off and throwing of fireworks and the display of illicit banners.”

The RFU has three days in which to appeal.

Earlier in the day UEFA condemned the hooligans whose scuffling along the road from Warsaw city centre to the National Stadium saw more than 180 arrests, mainly of Poles rather than marching Russian fans.

‘Isolated incidents’

UEFA said, in a statement: “UEFA condemns the isolated incidents that occurred yesterday in Warsaw prior to and after the Poland-Russia match, when some groups of known troublemakers pelted the police with missiles and attacked fans irrespective of the team they were supporting. Those arrested and charged will have to be dealt with by the relevant authorities.

“UEFA’s philosophy is to create a welcoming environment coupled with a low-profile approach to policing. The focus should be on facilitating the enjoyment of the matches by genuine football fans and isolating the tiny percentage of troublemakers. UEFA is in a constant dialogue with the public authorities in order to achieve this aim.

“UEFA is determined that the overwhelmingly peaceful and festive atmosphere that has so far pervaded at UEFA EURO 2012 will be continued right up to and including the final in Kyiv on Sunday 1 July.”

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