KYIV: Bayern Munich lost the Champions League Final but chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is celebrating a major international success as UEFA confirmed a lucrative new deal on player ‘loans’ for the European Championship writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Rummenigge is also chairman of the European Clubs Association which has secured an agreement worth twice as much as the club contributions paid by UEFA as compensation for the use of players at the 2008 European Championship.

The latest sum of E100m out of UEFA’s dip into its Euro profits is dounle the E55m paid four years ago. The difference is that this time UEFA is making payments to the clubs of all players involved in the qualifying matches as well as the finals of Euro 2012. Four years ago clubs were compensated only for players selected for the finals.

Rummenigge said: “This increase recognises clearly the significant contribution clubs make to the success of the tournament. The new distribution mechanism is the result of the great collaboration between ECA and UEFA. We are pleased with the overall outcome. It will not only benefit around 580 clubs but football as a whole.”

UEFA estimates that E60m will be split between clubs who released players for the finals and a further E40m to clubs whose players featured in the qualifiers.

UEFA president Michel Platini said: “Thanks to an excellent cooperation between UEFA and the ECA, this decision will benefit the whole football family and help shape a good and solid future for football in Europe.”

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