AMMAN: Statement by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein (FIFA Vice President) regarding the IFAB decision on the headscarf in football:

Amman, Jordan: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all IFAB members; the Great Britain based football associations (English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish FA’s) and FIFA representatives, for their unanimous and historic decision to approve the wearing of safe headscarves.

We have a substantial trial period to hear back from the players on the field, their supervisors, as well as the designers and technical institutes who have been part of this journey to evolve the most suitable, comfortable, and medically safe headscarf for women players on the pitch.

To all women players worldwide, congratulations. We all look forward to seeing you performing on the field of play. Women’s football is on the rise and we are all counting on you. You have our full support.

This day would not have been possible without the commitment, support and dedication of many individuals and organizations including and not exclusively, the United Nations, the Asian Football Confederation, FIFPro, Confederation of African Football, The Nobel Peace Center, President Joseph S. Blatter, my colleagues on the FIFA Executive Committee, and tens of thousands of supporters across the world.

Football is truly for all.

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