ZURICH: Practical complexities involving the installation of goal-line technology will prevent the Premier League from rushing in from the start of the new season writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

However the readiness of chief executive Richard Scudamore and Football Association general secretary Alex Horne to talk about the season’s mid-point – presumably January – may have launched a PR snowball they may find hard to halt.

Any league or federation wishing to install GLT in all their club grounds can go direct either or both of the two approved companies – Hawkeye and GoalRef. The companies would then need to commission the manufacture and/or supply of the equipment before arranging for each installation to be tested to FIFA Quality standards before ‘switching on.’

One essential of the system is that must be used by every team in a competition. This may ultimately prevent a mid-point introduction. A club which considered it had been on the wrong end of a ‘human decision’ in the first half of the season might consider itself at a potential disadvantage if GLT were operating in the second half.

Horne, who ‘fronted up’ for the FA to the media though chairman David Bernstein had cast the vote, said: “In principle, as long as all 20 Premier League clubs agreed, it could be introduced partway through a season. It could be that, far from 2013-14, if could be introduced partway through 12-13 if the technology could be licensed in situ in each of the stadia in time.”

The Premier League quickly weighed in with a statement declaring that it had been “a long term advocate of goal-line technology.”

It added: “We welcome today’s decision and will engage in discussions with both Hawkeye and GoalRef in the near future with a view to introducing goal-line technology as soon as is practically possible.”