** Confirmation of the vast sums taken in kickbacks by Joao Havelange and Ricardo Teixeira from ISL over a decade while they held positions of responsibility in world football, cannot be allowed to rest there.

One year ago FIFA’s ethics commission dropped a disciplinary investigation into Jack Warner because the former CONCACAF president and FIFA vice-president walked away from all his football roles.

Will FIFA take the same craven attitude to Havelange and Teixeira? Surely it would be a total and utter disgrace and bring the world football federation into disgrace beyond belief if it turned yet another blind eye.

Indeed, the narrative of the case clarifies a belief of prosecutors that Havelange and Teixeira, holding positions in a Swiss-based organisation, had broken the laws of the land.

Similarly, the position, power, status and credibility of Sepp Blatter as current president of FIFA has been called into further question.

The Swiss Federal Court has indicated that others within FIFA knew about the scam involving the Brazilian pair. This surely impugns the credibility of Blatter who was general secretary then chief executive.

These questions have been raised, within the last hours, with FIFA’s media department. The responses are eagerly awaited.


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