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JULY 12:
Brazil superstar Neymar has signed a contract with IMX Talent, handing control of his career and image rights to the agency headed by the country’s richest man, Eike Batista. 

IMX Talent will control Neymar’s image both during and after his playing career…. read more

FIFA launches investigation into English spot-fixing claims

FIFA has launched an investigation into claims of spot-fixing in English Premier League games sparked by revelations from former Southampton captain Claus Lundekvam…. read more

UAE official makes claim for AFC presidency

United Arab Emirates Football Association head, Yousuf al-Sarkal, has stated he will run for the presidency of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) if Mohamed bin Hammam is not reinstated to the post…. read more

Qatar Airways mulls over Premier League approaches

Qatar Airways has been approached by two Barclays Premier League clubs with regards to striking a major sponsorship deal, the company’s chief executive has confirmed…. read more

Reform plans mapped out for Scottish football

Scottish football’s key stakeholders have released details of proposals to reform the domestic game as Rangers prepare to learn their fate on Friday…. read more

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Assessing the value of CRM

David McClellan, CEO of Tickethour UK, challenges accepted thinking on CRM….

Many clubs and controlling bodies have invested heavily in enterprise-level customer relationship management (CRM) systems along with the staff, the infrastructure, and the business time to run them. But is the deployment of these systems really a “sledgehammer to crack a nut”?…. read more

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