TOKYO/ZURICH: The use of goal-line technology at the FIFA Club World Cup from December 6 to 16 is just two steps away after the signing of project agreements between FIFA and providers Hawk-Eye Innovations and Fraunhofer ISS (GoalRef).

The magnetic field based system of GoalRef will be used in Yokohama with Toyota implementing Hawk-Eye’s camera-based technology.

Installation tests will be conducted by independent Swiss institute EMPA (the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology).

These must establish functionality by certifying that the technology performs to the same level once installed in a given stadium, as it did during the system test. Only once the systems pass muster will FIFA give the ‘green light’ for them to be used in the eight matches of the competition, featuring the club champion from each of FIFA’s six confederations, and the domestic J-League champion.

The final implementation element will be a pre-match check by the match-officials. They are obliged to check by means of specific tests in both goals, ensuring the system is fully functioning before the first whistle blows.

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