EDINBURGH: Scottish FA chief executive Stewart Regan insisted that neither he nor president Campbell Ogilvie would be resigning over their handling of the Rangers payments storm.

Both came under fire after a commission led by Lord Nimmo Smith last week fined the club’s old company £250,000 for non-disclosure of controversial player payment arrangements.

The commission refused to strip the club of any titles, however, on the basis that the payments issue did not provide any competitive advantage.

Regan, answering questions after the SFA hosted the weekend annual meeting of the International Board, said that opinion over the outcome of the commission had divided opinion.

Categorical statement

He said: “My inbox over the past 12 months has been full of messages on the one hand saying that Rangers have been treated too harshly and on the other hand saying they hadn’t been treated harshly enough.

“Now is a very good time for all parties to draw a line under all that has gone on in the last 12 months. Lord Nimmo Smith said that Campbell Ogilvie played no part in the management and organisation of any element of the Murray Group Remuneration Trust and that is categoric enough that Campbell wasn’t involved in this to the extent people are trying to involve him.

“Yes, he was a director of the organisation but he was a director of an organisation effectively operated by one man [David Murray]. He is the only member of the old regime who put himself forward to be interviewed by Lord Nimmo Smith and that says a lot about Campbell as a person.”

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