MIAMI: Mexico’s Justino Compean will go head to head with the United States’ Sunil Gulati for the FIFA executive post being vacated in May by Chuck Blazer.

The particular slot open is for a central and north American representative from the regional confederation, CONCACAF.

Blazer confirmed last month that he would vacate the position at the end of his four-term which will be marked by the annual congress of world federation FIFA in Mauritius on May 30-31. He had already resigned last December as general secretary of CONCACAF, the power base which had opened up FIFA access for him.

Mexico and the US are by far the two most powerful financial forces within CONCACAF though the vast majority of voting members are within the Caribbean.

Gulati’s prospects may be affected by an anti-American backlash after Blazer’s whistle-blowing revelations which swept away ex-CONCACAF president Jack Warner and led to a string of suspensions and fines for Caribbean FA representatives.

Gulati has been centrally involved in developing the FIFA reform process while Compean has been closely involved with the world federation because of his country’s forthcoming hosting of the World Under-20 Youth Cup.

The only other election at CONCACAF Congress on Friday, April 19, in Panama City, also involves Gulati who is challenged by Canada’s Victor Montagliani for the post of confederation executive committee member from North America.

All other elective positions have unopposed candidates, viz:

FIFA exco member from the Caribbean: Jeffrey Webb (Cayman Is);

CONCACAF exco vice-president from Central America: Alfredo Hawit (Hon)

Exco vice-president from the Caribbean: Horace Burrell (Jam);

Exco member from Central America: Eduardo Li (CRC); and

Exco member from the Caribbean: Luis Hernandez (Cub).


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