PRETORIA: Botswana’s football association federation has admitted it was conned by a player who claimed he had played in the English league and won a call-up for World Cup duty.

The BFA paid for a flight and accommodation for a player who, they were told, had played for Wimbledon.

Coach Stanley Tshosane, who had said he was excited at the prospect of seeing Bobby Shilinde in training, found him well below standard.

Tschosane said: “He is still a young boy and I do not think he is ready for the national team. He is just average.”

BFA officials are now being asked to explain how they were duped. No formal checks were made on claims by the player and his FIFA-accredited agent, Comfort Ramatabele, that Shilinde was a player in the English fourth tier.

When he arrived in Gaborone, hoping to play against Malawi last Tuesday, he was not only unimpressive in training but did not qualify for Botswana citizenship as the holder of a British passport.

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