MANCHESTER: The Spanish league also wants to introduce goal-line technology, after the Premier League approval, but also wants to explore other technologies to help the referee writes CHRISTIAN RADNEDGE.

La Liga’s ceo, Francisco Roca, expressed that expansive ambition at the Soccerex European Forum here where he was a panellist alongside David Dein, the ex-Arsenal vice-chairman who has long been a GLT advocate.

Roca offered support for GLT then added thatSpainwanted to look at further technologies which could help the referee in decision-making.

He said: “It’s [GLT] something everybody should have. But we’re also looking into offside technology. We’ve seen over the past few weeks the problems. I think the technology is there and we can come up with solutions to help the referee make these calls.”

The problems to whichRocareferred concerned Champions League goals approved even though players had been offside. UEFA president Michel Platini is a relentless opponent of goal-line technology.

Roca thought it would take time for La Liga to catch up with the Premier League.

He said: “We are total advocates of this technology. Then we need to see which system is less expensive, these little details we have to work but we are in favour of this system.

“We won’t be as quick as the Premier League but I expect in two or three years to do something about this. But we completely agree with the technological revolution to help the game and also to help the referees.”

Roca’s comments fulfilled perfectly Platini’s reasoning behind opposing GLT.

Platini has told previously: “It’s not that I am against goal-line technology as such. I am against all technology. If we say Yes to goal-line technology then it will stop there. Someone will immediately want something more.”


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