KUALA LUMPUR: The Asian football confederation holds an extraordinary election congress in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow/Thursday.

The presidency, for two years, is being contested by Worawi Makudi (Thailand), Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa (Bahrain) and Yousuf Al-Serkal (UAE).

Hafez Ibrahim Al Medlej (Saudi Arabia) withdrew on Wednesday.

Other elections include a contest for a seat on the FIFA executive committee between Hassan Al Thawadi (Qatar) and Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa.

Australia’s Moya Dodd is sole nominee for the post as AFC vice-president (female) while she is listed to contest the other two available spots for the AFC executive along with Han Un-gyong (North Korea) and Susan Shalabi Molano (Palestine).

An ordinary AFC congress will be held on Friday [May 3] to consider reports, etc.

Presidency candidates

Sheikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa (Bahrain)

President of the Bahrain FA

** Almost defeated then-AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam in a 2009 election for a seat on the FIFA executive Committee and hence a long-time, experienced campaigner. Troubled by the human rights issue, as a member of a ruling royal family that suppressed pro-democracy demonstrations in 2011 and arrested national team players for their participation. His slogan is Asia United.

Yousuf Al Serkal (United Arab Emirates)

President of the UAE FA and AFC vice-president

** Has worked all across the AFC in different departments and commitments which has garnered support beyond his own region of West Asia. Election prospect only underlined by the virulence of a whispering campaign pointing up his old friendship with Mohamed Bin Hamman.

Dato’ Worawi Makudi (Thailand)

President of Thailand FA, member of FIFA executive committee

** The only candidate from outside West Asia after the withdrawal of AFC acting president Zhang Jilong and has been kept busy resisting a string of corruption accusations. Also shadowed by links with latest disgraced (now ex) FIFA exco member Manilal Fernando.