LONDON: Premier League champions Manchester United earned a record £60.1m in television money during the 2012-13 season

Under the terms of the 2010-13 deal, half of the total money from domestic TV deals is evenly distributed between all 20 Premier League clubs, all of the money brought in from overseas deals is also split equally.

Each club received £13.8m from domestic rights and £18.9m from overseas rights.

In addition, 25pc of the income from domestic rights is shared as “merit payments” which are calculated according to a club’s final position in the league table.

The final 25pc of domestic income is paid in facility fees, where club’s are paid each time their matches are broadcast live on UK television. Clubs were guaranteed to recieve at least £5.78m for live TV and highlights appearances.

Manchester United also earned the most in facility fees, bringing in £12.9m after 25 of their fixtures where broadcast in the UK.

QPR finished bottom of the Premier League and also brought in the least TV money, earning a total of £39.8m.

Final payments