KEIR RADNEDGE in RIO DE JANEIRO: Vicente Del Bosque will not be tempted to throw the stylistic baby out with the bath water just because of one defeat.

Spain’s coach had no reservations about his team having been beaten by Brazil in the Confederations Cup in Maracana.

However, this would not make him reconsider the possession-based style which has brought so much success over the past five years included success in the 2010 World Cup as well as 2008 and 2010 European Championships.

Del Bosque said: “We are not happy with this defeat. We have to analyse it. We cannot simply go on to the next item . . . but we have great players and a very clear style and I see no necessity to change anything because of one well-deserved defeat.

“Brazil deserved to win the match and deserved to win the Confederations Cup. We were short of luck in certain moments in the match but we never believed we were invincible.

“They had more energy and that gave them a winning advantage over us.”


Del Bosque said he and his players had been disappointed with the outcome for their fans back home felt “we have put up a good show and we can commend Brazil for winning.”

He assessed Fred’s second-minute goal for Brazil as having had been an important influence on the game. He also cavilled that Brazil had committed a number of fouls with the apparent intention of breaking up the rhythm of the game “but I don’t want to invoke that as an excuse.”

Similarly, there was no significance in the fact that Spain had a day’s less rest after the semi-finals.

Del Bosque said: “I don’t think that made any difference. It is not an important element. Brazil deserved to win and we accept this defeat and that’s all there is to it.

“They were hosts, they have a marvellous team and in the last five matches they have increased their performance level. They started the tournament playing well but were playing even better today.”

As for the experience of playing in Brazil a year ahead of the World Cup, Del Bosque registered a concern about the high summer temperatures – “We had moments when we were suffocating” – but was full of praise for the organisation of the tournament.

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