NYON: Bayern Munich won the UEFA Champions League out on the pitch but not in the revenue table according to the European federation.

Juventus finished top of the pile as UEFA announced that a total of E904.6m was distributed among clubs competing in the Champions League last season.

Bayern, who defeated German rivals Borussia Dortmund 2-1 at Wembley in May, picked up a combined E55.046m in payments from UEFA.

This sum consisted of E35.9m in participation, match and performance bonuses covering the group and knockout stages, including the final, as well as E19.146m from the television market pool.

Dortmund earned E54.161m, which comprised E32.4m in participation, match and performance payments, plus E21.761m from the TV market pool.

Within those amounts, E10.5m went to Bayern for their  final win, while Dortmund collected E6.5m as runners-up. However, Italian champions Juventus earned more than both German clubs from their Champions League season, despite being knocked out by Bayern in the quarter finals.

Juventus earned E65.3m in total with the disparity likely accounted for by TV payments.

Monies from the market pool are divided according to the proportional value of the national TV market each individual club represents, among other factors, meaning that the amounts given vary from country to country.

Other high-earners from the 2012-13 Champions League were AC Milan (E51.4m), Real Madrid (E48.4m), Barcelona (E45.5m) and Paris Saint-Germain (E44.7m).

UEFA said the E904.6m in prize money shared around the 32 sides involved from the group stage onwards represented E495m in fixed amounts and E409.6m from the market pool.

By comparison, Chelsea’s 2011-12 Champions League triumph netted the club E59.4m in revenue. A total of E754.1m was distributed to clubs competing in UEFA’s showpiece competition a year ago, with Chelsea securing nearly E20m more than beaten finalist Bayern.


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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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