LONDON: Tottenham fans have been warned that they are as liable as opposing supporters to face action if they continue their use of the word ‘Yid.’

The Football Association has decided that ‘Yid’  or ‘Yiddo’ is an offensive term within the Jewish community and its use would constitute racist and/or discriminatory misbehaviour.

On its website the FA stated it considered ‘the term is likely to be considered offensive by the reasonable observer and considers the term to be inappropriate in a football setting. The FA would encourage fans to avoid using it in any situation.

“Use of the term in a public setting could amount to a criminal offence, and leave those fans liable to prosecution and potentially a lengthy Football Banning Order.”


The statement is designed to end the anti-Semitic abuse at matches, with both fans and players targeted in recent years.

Tottenham have notably been victim to such abuse, while former Chelsea winger Yossi Benayoun was subject of chants last season by his own supporters.

In response to the derogatory chanting aimed their way, Tottenham fans long ago branded themselves the ‘Yid Army’ and often describe themselves as ‘Yids’ in order to mock those who use the term against them.

The FA, however, does not consider this any justification for the use of the word by anyone.