MOSCOW: CSKA Moscow have insisted that none of their fans targeted Yaya Toure and some of his Manchester City team-mates with racist insults in Wednesday’s Champions League tie in the Russian capital.

The Ivory Coast midfielder has said he complained to referee Ovidiu Hategan during the game. However the Russian club claim tat the match delegate said after the match that he had heard nothing untoward.

Even so, European federation UEFA has launched disciplinary proceedings against CSKA for the “racist behaviour of their fans (article 14 of the UEFA disciplinary regulations) and for setting off of fireworks (article 16) at last night’s UEFA Champions League group stage match in Moscow against Manchester City FC.”

The case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body on 30 October.

CSKA said, in a statement, that their fans did jeer and whistle City players but only as is normal during the the drama of the game.

The statement said:

” We are surprised and disappointed by statements player, “Manchester City” Yaya Toure and a number of other members of the English club on the alleged racially motivated insults from fans of PFC CSKA during yesterday’s Champions League match at the “Arena Khimki.”

Having carefully studied the video of the game, we found no racist insults from fans of PFC CSKA to the guests that after the game confirmed the match delegate. In many episodes of the meeting, especially with the attacks on our goal, fans tried disapproving hum and whistle to put pressure on rival players, regardless of their race.

In particular, this happened in the moments with Alvaro Negredo, when he scored a goal from a violation of the rules, and Edin Dzeko at the end of the second half when he played against dangerous PFC CSKA goalkeeper. Why Ivorian midfielder took it all on your account, it is not clear.

Commenting on the statement immediately after the match Yaya Toure, CSKA Moscow striker Seydou Doumbia (countryman midfield, “Manchester City”) has noted the following: “From our fans nothing like this has ever heard of. Yes, they are noisy support the team and try to exert maximum pressure on the opponent, but racist Cries does not allow it. So my fellow Cote d’Ivoire clearly lost his temper. “

Also important is the fact that in the history of our performances in European competition the club has never been observed, especially punished for acts of racism fans.

In any case, we regret the incident, although believe unfounded accusations of racism.

PFC CSKA always actively fought and will continue to fight racism .”