VIENNA: A new twist has emerged in the Austrian matchfix scandal which exploded after a dramatic ‘sting’ in a supermarket car park earlier this week writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The player whose claim of an extortion attempt has been sacked by his club, fifth-placed SV Grödig, over allegations that he attempt to bribe team-mates to manipulate match results.

Defender Dominique Taboga went to the police last week claiming that he and his family had been threatened if he did not pay money back which he had been given to fix games.

Three other men, including former international Sanel Kuljic, were arrested by police when Taboga went to hand over the cash.

Taboga was questioned at the time but not detained. Now Grodig has cancelled his contract.

General manager Christian Haas said: “Three players of the current squad have informed me that they were approached by Taboga, that they should manipulate games. Dominique Taboga has confirmed that he has spoken with a total of four players about it so we had no alternative but to terminate his contract.

“All the players in question have confirmed to me that they never considered accepting to fix matches and I am very proud of that.”

Taboga has told prosecutors in nearby Salzburg that he had originally paid back just under €30,000 to his blackmailers.