On Hosting a World Cup in Brazil: 

I think a World Cup in Brazil has special significance because in Brazil football is at home. Brazil, as everyone knows, is the country of football. Football is in the heart of each and every Brazilian. And this will be the World Cup of all World Cups. A World Cup no one will ever forget. For the first time, the World Cup will have all of its past champions playing in the same tournament, together with teams from all five main continents. And Brazil, with its cheerful and welcoming people, is glad to welcome all to this World Cup.


Visitors will have the opportunity to visit Brazil, a multicultural and enterprising country and a land of opportunities. A country that honors its culture and traditions, that preserves its immense wealth of biodiversity. A country that has faced the challenge of eradicating extreme poverty and of creating opportunities for all. A country that will host the World Cup as one. We know this will be a great World Cup.”



On Brazil’s Five-Time Champion National Team:


I’m a very strong supporter, and am very excited about our national team. Brazil, as Mr. Blatter has said, is the only five-time World Cup champion in the world. Moreover, we are the only country that has been to every World Cup. We have never been left out of a World Cup, and have a history of success in football.


This is the land of Pelé, the greatest player of all time. It is the land of Ronaldo, the top scorer of all World Cups. And today we have a strong national team, full of brilliant new star players, and our coach, the great Scolari, a true champion assisted by another winner: our great Parreira. So I have ample reason to be very optimistic as a Brazil supporter. We love football. We welcome all of you to Brazil, and together we will make a great World Cup.”


Dilma Rousseff

President of the Federative Republic of Brazil



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