** Ottmar Hitzfeld (Switzerland): “A very tense and level group with different mentalities. European teams facing teams from South America and from Central America. It’s a very interesting group to play in. France is a very effective opponent to play, but no need to complain. We must use the time that we have to prepare for the conditions that we are going to face.”

Reinaldo Rueda (Ecuador): “I was the coach of Honduras in 2010 and now destiny makes me face them with Ecuador. That’s football, and that’s life! They have a great group, and already experienced the World Cup in South Africa. They will be a difficult opponent. Switzerland and France? Despite the fact of being Europeans, both of them have different styles. It’ll be a very challenging group.”

Didier Deschamps (France): “It could have been more complicated, let’s be honest. We’ll have our Swiss neighbours, one south American team and Honduras playing a similar style. We were worried about playing in the north because of the heat. Finally not, it’s better for the recuperation.

“The most important thing when you start a competition is to win your first match. But people said that in Euro 2012 we had good draw and see what happened. But it could have been harder. First game is against Honduras, it’s the most important one, winning it would put us in the best position.

“No opponents are easy. We need to be ambitious but realistic. Before and after the draw our objective is the same: Round 16.”

Luis Suarez (Honduras): “I leave with good taste in my mouth, with one exception: I didn’t want to face Ecuador. Not only for Reinaldo [Rueda, coach of Ecuador] but also for the country: they mean a lot to me. Ecuador helped me to develop my career, I owe them many things. But anyway, draws are like that. We’ll try to face this situation as real professionals. We want to reach the Round of 16.”


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