ISPORTCONNECT / ZURICH: FIFA security chief Ralf Mutschke has said that the world federation must be on its guard against attempts to fix matches at the World Cup finals in Brazil in June and July.

The concerns of Mutschke, a former Interpol director and senior manager at the German Federal Criminal Police Office, were reported in the  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

He said: “We must clearly assume that organised crime will try and fix matches at the World Cup. At this event, bets will be placed at a great rate and a large profit will be made.”

But Mutschke said every possible measure to prevent such fixing would be put in place, adding: “We will have security officers in all 12 World Cup stadiums.

“We will monitor all matches on the betting market, we will be in contact with all bookmakers, screen the social networks and the relevant boards for hints. We will analyse individual incidents during games.”