ZURICHThe sustainability training programme for the stadium operators of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ has reached its conclusion in Rio de Janeiro with a round table that centred on the need to harness the power of football to create a better future for everyone. “The idea is for the stadiums to be pursuing well-integrated sustainable management practices after 2014”, said FIFA’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Federico Addiechi.

Launched on 15 August 2013, the programme has sought to improve its participants’ knowledge and awareness of the sustainable management of football stadiums and other sporting facilities. Topics ranged from the use of efficient lighting systems and a reduction in the use of drinking water to accessibility issues for persons with disabilities and the need to offer more sustainable forms of public transport.

“It’s not enough just to build a stadium in a sustainable way,” said Lucas Silva, a staff member at the Arena Pernambuco’s sustainability office. “And it’s no good having major, innovative sustainability projects and not managing them correctly and ensuring as a result that they cause less of an impact on the environment”.

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