FRANKFURT: A diver owned up at the weekend when Werder Bremen captain Aaron Hunt denied his club a penalty against Nurnberg by admitting to the referee that he had not been fouled.

Hunt tumbled under a challenge from home defender Javier Pinola as Werder led 2-0 in Saturday’s Bundesliga clash. Referee Manuel Grafe pointed to the spot before the midfielder asked him to reverse the 75th-minute decision.

Hunt, 27, said later: “Out of instinct, I wanted to provoke the penalty, but that was wrong. I struggled with myself a bit to say something but we don’t want to win any games like that, even if we are in a relegation battle.”

Grafe awarded a drop-ball instead before 11th-placed Werder, who are now eight points above the relegation zone, secured the 2-0 win.