—- In the beginning I was a little astonished by the Qatar World Cup decision but now I accept it, except that it must be played in the winter. Then I think they will have a good chance to create a good atmosphere for everyone to have a good World Cup. For one season, you can organise it.

—- If you look at Blatter and this whole FIFA business, there’s something every day: this and this and this. If I were responsible I would go crazy. How can he think that he is president of an organisation in which, under his regime, that happens, and that and that and that – yet he never says he is responsible? If even 10pc of all of that happened in Bayern Munich I would quit immediately.

—- Frank Ribery is a fantastic professional and a very nice guy but he is treated here like a son of the family. If he has a family problem then we’ll help. If you give him something you get 100pc back but I don’t know if that’s always been the case when he plays for France. In the Bible it says you have to forgive and, evidently, the fans in France are not able to do that.

—- Louis Van Gaal was responsible in part for the development of our  present team. But the biggest problem about Louis Van Gaal is that he sees himself as the father of God, that he was there before the world began to exist. When you see things from this perspective then it is difficult to learn and discuss how the world really works. He is a very good coach but he believes he is more than a coach, more than God, more than everybody.

As told to KEIR RADNEDGE for World Soccer/ESM