KEIR RADNEDGE in SAO PAULO: Street protesters in Brazil have been offered new fuel for their anger by confirmation that FIFA will hand out ‘bonuses’ totalling more than £650,000 to each of the world’s 209 national associations out of its World Cup surplus.

World Cup finance is a sore point with Brazilians.

A perceived imbalance between the $11bn spent on construction for the finals and sums allocated for social welfare helped spark the demonstrations by millions across the country during last year’s Confederations Cup.

Both world federation FIFA and the Brazilian government were shocked by the virulence of the outbursts and security reinforcements have been trained to guard against trouble during the World Cup which could be exacerbated by Blatter’s pride in promising lucrative bonuses for FIFA’s members effectively to take out of the country.

Blatter has told all the congresses of the six regional confederations here that they will receive bonuses but he added a further detail about their size in his address to the Oceania delegates.

Blatter said: “We will be able to pay two bonuses to the national associations as we have done at the World Cup 2010, probably a little bit higher. This will be done and it will be good news for all the 209 national associations but perhaps, especially for you.

“Also the confederation will receive a little more bit.”

In 2010 all national associations were paid an initial bonus of $250,000 which was followed up with a further $300,000 the following January, hence $550,000 in total.

Blatter’s teasing “a little bit higher” could take that total per federation to at least around $650,000.

Significantly, Blatter made no mention of the bonuses when he addressed European federation UEFA.