SAO PAULO: Michel Platini has confirmed the apparently academic issue that he no longer a supporter of Sepp Blatter as FIFA president.

Platini had said in the past that he would never run against Blatter for the world presidency but that option remains open since the Frenchman has said he will not decide on his stance until after the World Cup.

Explaining his change of mind, Platini said: “In 2011, he asked for (Uefa’s backing) and told us that this was his last term…”

As for his own position, Platini added: “It is an option. But it is not because of Blatter that Michel Platini would stand. And it is not because of Sepp Blatter that Michel Platini would not appear. My only concern is what I want to do. I am almost 60 years old and I need to know what I want.

“I just want to be sure what I want to do. In my life, I wanted to be a footballer, it went well. I was asked to coach, and to be president of the organising committee of the 1998 World Cup, I liked it.

“Then I became a member of the (Fifa) Executive Committee. Now I am very happy to be at Uefa. I am loved by national associations. But Fifa is something important.”