ERIC WEIL in BUENOS AIRES: Brazil has started deporting hooligans back to Argentina including, notably, one notorious Rosario Central hooligan who figures in the list of 1,600 of the most dangerous of the Barras Bravas.

Two Uruguayan hooligans were sent also back with the first batch amd there may be more to come since the United Argentine Fans group of hooligans had not yet left.

Their lawyer tried to stop the government to send that list to no avail. After al, this is a Brazilian matter.

Meanwhile, HUA members are studying on how to get into the country without passing border controls.

Further concerns exists about the possibility of fighting between Argentinian and British hooligans over the Malvinas/Faklands question as was the case in Mexico in 1986. In that case, members of both groups would be deported.

Tension over the issue may have been stirred by the recent display before a World Cup warnm-up match by Argentina’s players of a banner claiming the islands.