FORTALEZA: National security staff had to step in at Fortaleza, for the Brazil v Mexico game, when the contracted security companies admitted they could not find enough staff.

The incident prompted reminiscence of the security guard strike in South Africa four years ago and, on a larger extent, of the G4S blunders at the London Olympic Games in 2012.

Stadia staffing has emerged as significant awkward issue for world federation FIFA and the local organising committee after search staff ‘went missing’ at Brasilia, causing long queues at kickoff time for the Switzerland v Ecuador game.

Asked about the confusion in Fortaleza, Justice Minister José Eduardo Cardozo said: “We’re taking over responsibility for security.”

Cardozo said he did not know the reason for the problem but was confident that the state could come up with enough staff for both ‘mag and bag’ searches and security inside the stadium.

A problem had also erupted in Salvador on Monday when some staff left the Arena Fonte Nova midway through the second half allowing a number of people into the stadium without check, charge or ticket.

In Fortaleaza, approaching game time, police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse a small group of anti-World Cup protesters blocking a road to the stadium.

At least 10 people were arrested in the demonstration after the group tried to block the main street to the Castelão stadium.

Some masked protesters threw rocks and sticks at buses emblazoned with FIFA logos before riot police and an armed vehicle moved in.