PARIS: The French league is disciplining 87 professional players for broken regulations banning them from betting on results in the top two division and the league cup.

The players have been split into four groups:

Group One is 22 players who bet less than €100 in total and made up to 10 bets have received a letter of caution.

Group Two consists of 28 players who bet less than €500 in total are being registered with the LFP’s disciplinary body;

The remainder, from groups three and four, may incur heavier punishments and have been summoned to appear before the LFP next month.

Group Three consists of 14 players who bet more than €500 and must appear on July 17. They hae been named as: Aurélien Capua, Nicolas Di Fraja Karim Djellabi, Sébastien Grax Laurent Heloise Jonathan Lacourt, Florian Martin, Yoan Oswald, Erwan Quintin, Enzo Reale, Jérôme Rothen, Jose Saez, Romain Thomas, Erwin Zelazny.

Group Four consists of 23 players who bet specifically negatively on draws, defeats and no goals in a game.

They have been summoned on July 24 and have been named as Jordan Astier, Johan Audel, Jeffrey Baltus, Fabien Barrillon Romain Bauchet, Yoan Cardinale, Adrien Coulomb Quentin Daubin, Rémy Dugimont Emmanuel Imorou Jimmy Juan Valentin Lavigne, Anthony Le Tallec, Jonathan Millieras Riad Nouri, Nicolas Pallois, Damien Plessis, Alexandre Raineau Guillaume Rippert, Jonathan Rivas, Quentin Rouger, Adrien Valente, Gaëtan Varenne.