KEIR RADNEDGE REPORTS —- The German football federation believes it is close to dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on agreements to afford it a free run at bidding to host the full finals of the 2024 European Championship. A feature of the deal, ideally, would see Germany support Wembley for the 2020 climax and any full bid by England for 2028.

DFB general secretary Helmut Sandrock has indicated that it already has the tacit agreement of both European federation UEFA and key national associations including the Football Association. That agreement would see Wembley given a clear run to host the semi-finals and final of Euro 2020 with the DFB withdrawing the Munich bid which is the only rival.

Munich's Allianz-Arena: heading off the 2020 agenda

A decision on the venue cities for the pan-European Euro 2020 will be made on September 19 with a formal decision by UEFA on Euro 2024 coming in 2017.

The cities of Berlin and Hamburg are considering bidding for the Olympic Games in 2024 but the domestic process has yet to be concluded so the DFB is hurrying to seize the hosting lead.

Positive talks

The German Olympic sports association is also considering delaying a Games bid until the 2028 event.

Turkey, which had pursued Euro 2020, is expected to will stay out of the running for 2024 to assist yet another Olympics bid from Istanbul which suffered from dual-event uncertainty in the contest for 2020.

Sandrock said: “The bottom line, I believe, is that we a very, very good chance of hosting the European Championships in 2024. We have talked about this with England and that they could stand aside and support our application.

“We, in return, would waive our bid for the finals of 2020 and then support England in a bid to host the 2028 European Championship. ”

Germany hosted the Euro finals in 1988, England in 1996. Germany hosted the World Cup in 1972 (as West Germany) and 2006 while England staged the World Cup in 1966.

Sandrock added: “Any withdrawal of our application for the concluding matches in 2020 will come only if we can be sure to get 2024.”

He and DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach “have held many talks with UEFA and other national associations in recent weeks and months, to explore the extent to which our application is supported for 2024. It is important to line up with England who last hosted the Euros in 1996.”

Earlier this week Niersbach, at a conference in Kitzbuhel, had said: “It is our great goal that the entire Euro 2024 should be played in Germany.

“We will not need any new stadia so further investment beyond what was spent for the 2006 World Cup will not be necessary.”