ERIC WEIL in BUENOS AIRES: Brazil’s World Cup humiliation has been felt in the international transfer market which also means in the pockets of the country’s clubs.

The five-times world champions crashed 7-1 to eventual winners Germany in the semi-finals and then 3-0 to Holland in the third place play-off.

Then, surely no coincidence, Brazilian players were snubbed in the summer transfer market.

Brazil is famous for the number of leading players it has produced and exported but only 178 Brazilian players moved to Europe this year which is fewer than in the three previous years when FIFA began recording transfer data.

In fact, Brazilian statistics say that this was the worst market in the last 30 years. Even a majority of players who moved went free or on loan with clubs just collecting $68m for the 30 who were sold.

Argentina moving up

The highest price of $13.6m was paid by Marseille for defender Doria who is only 19.

FIFA says that 5,526 Brazilian players have been traded internationally since January 2011 which is more than twice the number traded by the next country — Argentina.

In Argentina, the transfer season was largely confined to trades between local clubs with little money changing hands. Yet the trading was brisk as usual with finally 134 players being signed by the 20 top division clubs against 172 leaving.

No longer can Argentine clubs rely on income from selling players to clubs in other countries with less than half a dozen leaving and as many, who apparently failed to make the grade, coming back.

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