LONDON: European federation UEFA’s failure to come up, so far, with a FIFA presidential candidate has not prevented Greg Dyke repeating his opposition to more years in power for Sepp Blatter.

Dyke, chairman of the Football Association, was one of the European federation leader to challenge Blatter to his face on the eve of the world federation’s congress in Sao Paulo in June.

However the refusal of UEFA leader Michel Platini for turn words into deeds has left his European colleagues with only rhetoric.

Dyke, in an interview with Sky, said: “I think it’s a mistake, I don’t think he should be standing. He stood last time on the basis he would not stand again. He’s 78 years old, he’ll be 82 when the term finishes, possibly 83.”

Blatter’s suggestion to give managers the option of a video challenge also met with Dyke’s derision.

He said: “I would allow a referee to go straight to a camera for a penalty – he can choose, if he’s not sure, let’s have a look – but you can’t do that for every decision. I’m not sure about the idea that managers on the touchline throw in the towel and say they want to challenge that decision.”