NYON: Turkish club Galatasaray have been fined €50,000 by UEFA and ordered to pay costs for trouble caused by their fans in the Champions League clash in North London on October 1.

Flares were exploded in the crowd and damage caused to seating in the Turkish fans’ area during the game which the Gunners won 4-1.

The European federation had also opened a disciplinary case against Arsenal concerning allegations of body search failures but the control, ethivs and disciplinary board decided to take no further action.

Trouble began after Galatasaray defender Felipe Melo was yellow-carded for a two-footed tackle on Alexis Sánchez in the 36th minute with Arsenal already 2-0 ahead. The game was briefly interrupted as Galatasaray captain Wesley Sneijder appealed to the fans for calm.

Galatasaray goalkeeper Fernando Muslera collected the flares and dropped them on the sidelines, at which point helmeted riot police and stewards filed along by the advertising hoardings.

Metropolitan police made six arrests in their security operation in and around the Group D match in north London: two were for entering the ground with flares.

Full punishment sheet . . .

Match: UEFA Champions League 2014/2015 Group B, FC Basel 1893 vs. Liverpool FC (1:0) played on 1 October in Switzerland

FC Basel 1893
Charges: Throwing of objects – art 16 (2) (b) DR
Sanction: FC Basel 1893 have been fined 40,000€.
Match: UEFA Champions League 2014/2015 Group D, Arsenal FC vs. Galatasaray A.Ş. (4:1) played on 1 October in England
Galatasaray A.Ş.
Charges: Setting off/ throwing of fireworks & missiles – art. 16 (2) (b) & (c) DR; Crowd disturbance – art 16 (2) (f) DR
Sanction: Galatasaray A.Ş. have been fined 50,000€. The Turkish team have also been ordered to contact Arsenal FC within 30 days for the settlement of the damages caused by its supporters.
Arsenal FC
Charges: Insufficient organization (lack of body searching) – art. 16 (1) DR
Sanction: The CEDB has decided to close the disciplinary proceedings opened against Arsenal FC.
Match: UEFA Europa League 2014/2015 Group G, Feyenoord vs. R. Standard de Liège (2:1) played on 2 October in the Netherlands
Charges: Setting off of fireworks – Art. 16 (2) (c) DR; Insufficient organization (stairways blocked) – Art. 38 Safety & Security rag
Sanction: Feyenoord have been fined 15,000€.
R. Standard de Liège
Match: UEFA Europa League 2014/2015, Feyenoord vs. R. Standard de Liège (2:1) played on 2 October in the Netherlands
Charges: Crowd disturbance – Art. 16 (2) (h) DR; Setting off of fireworks – Art. 16 (2) (c) DR
Sanction: R. Standard de Liège have been fined 17,000€.
Match: European Qualifier Group B, Andorra vs. Wales (1:2) played on 9 September in Andorra
Andorran Football Federation
Charges: Insufficient organization: field invasion by supporters of the away team – Art. 16 (1) DR; Improper conduct of the team (5 cards or more) – Art. 15 (4) DR
Sanction: The Andorran Football Federation has been fined 10,000€.
Football Association of Wales
Charges: Field invasions by supporters – Art. 16 (2) letter a) of the DR
Sanction: The Football Association of Wales has been fined 5,000€.