SANTIAGO: Argentina, to the anger of neighbours Uruguay, has scrapped plans to join in a bid to win co-hosting rights to the Centenary World Cup in 2030.

The neighbours across the River Plate had been talking for almost two years of campaigning to partner 100 years after they faced each other in the inaugural final in Montevideo in 1930.

Chilean federation leader Sergio Jadue has capitalised on the Argeninian decision to contacted Uruguay’s new president, Wilmar Valdez about opening exploratory talks.

Confirmation of Argentina’s retreat came from AFA vice-president Miguel Angel Silva who said: “Argentina are not in it. We are not thinking about the 2030 World Cup. If you ask me specifically, Argentina will not be bidding.”

Blatter talks

Jadue raised the possibility of a 2030 co-hosting during a visit by FIFA president Sepp Blatter to Chile two years ago.

He said: “Six months ago we had talked about this. Chile is ready and has the experience of having staged the Under-17 World Cup and the Copa America.

“We talked to all the stakeholders: the president of CONMEBOL, the FIFA presidentand members of the executive committee of FIFA. The possibility of organising the World Cup is something we could do either on our own or in partnership with Uruguay.”

Jadue was speaking after being re-elected unopposed as Chilean federation president.

The only World Cup to have been co-hosted was 2002 in Japan and South Korea. Ever since that high-cost adventure, FIFA has refused to contemplate co-hosting while single-nation bids were on the table.

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