ZURICH: Riot police were deployed in Zurich last night after demonstrators tried to invade the ETH University in protest at a lecture by FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Protest poster call to action in Zurich this week

Police assessed the number of protesters at 60. They chanted abuse about Blatter and FIFA outside the lecture theatre before seeking to force an entrance.

Blatter, who has announced his willingess to seek a fifth term next year as the world football federation leader, had taken “Football as a school of life” as his theme.

Diversionary tactic

Police in riot gear confronted the protesters who appeared about to disperse before a number attempted to enter the auditorium through a side door and also set off a number of smoke bombs.

The demonstrators later headed down towards the city centre, prompting transport system confusion which lasted for more than two hours.

Anger at FIFA was one of the factors which brought millions of protesters out on to the streets of Brazil at the Confederations Cup last year.

Only one other candidate has announced his puruit of the FIFA presidency, former world federation official Jerome Champagne.