LONDON:  Campaigning MP Damian Collins is still demanding a “wholesale reform” of world federation FIFA despite the promise to publish Michael Garcia’s World Cup bid scandal report.

Collins, a long-time critic of FIFA, said he had accepted that the eventual version would be edited back and feared that, in those circumstances, it would be “a whitewash.”

He added: “I don’t understand why FIFA has been so reluctant to share it publicly because the reaction has been terrible. People around the world doubt the integrity of their process. Even Michael Garcia [ethics investigator who resigned last week] said he thought there was a problem with the culture and leadership.”

Collins, interviewed on BBC Radio Five, said: “There has to be be wholesale regorm of FIFA. The only thing FIFA is in it for is money so if some of the European nations won’t co-operate [for the World Cup] and do their own thing that may be the ultimate sanction.

“There has to be external pressure. They will not do it themselves . . . which is why we have no confidence in them.”