—- The establishment of a FIFA Women’s Club World Cup and the implementation of the ten key development principles for women’s football were among the key points on the agenda for the FIFA Task Force for Women’s Football, which met at the Home of FIFA in Zurich today.

Moya Dodd, chairwoman and co-opted member of the FIFA Executive Committee, convened the session in order to continue the discussions initiated one year ago during the group’s inaugural meeting.

The creation of the Task Force was announced by FIFA President Blatter in October 2013 with the aim of identifying and establishing priorities for the development of women’s football.

During today’s meeting, the Task Force discussed possible concepts outlining details for the creation of a FIFA Women’s Club World Cup, including an inaugural edition set for 2017. As part of the proposal, the Task Force noted the importance of creating such a competition to create an annual showcase of elite women’s football and to provide an incentive not only to clubs, but also to confederations and member associations, to strengthen club football and club structures in their respective regions.

It will now be up to the FIFA Committee for Women’s Football and the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ to examine the proposal at their meeting tomorrow (11 February) and submit it in an appropriate form to the FIFA Executive Committee, which is responsible for taking final decisions on the introduction of new competitions. The Executive Committee will meet next on 19-20 March.

Members also received an update on the implementation of the ten key development principles for women’s football, which the Task Force initially presented to the FIFA Executive Committee and then to the 64th FIFA Congress in São Paulo, where they were approved.

“The approval of the ten key principles by the FIFA Congress last June marked a major milestone for the development of women’s football,” said Moya Dodd.

“These principles have laid a foundation from which to build on, sending a clear message to confederations and member associations on what FIFA expects of them to continue growing the women’s game. FIFA is also taking concrete action, for instance the doubling of women’s development funding for the 2015-2018 cycle, and now further progress is being made towards the creation of a FIFA Women’s Club World Cup. All of our efforts need to go in one direction in order to see more women on the football pitch but also involved off the pitch as well.”

Futsal, the professionalisation of the women’s game, club licensing, medical issues and strategies to increase female coaches were among other topics discussed during the day.

Participants of the meeting today included:

Moya Dodd, FIFA Executive Committee co-opted member

Junko Imai, AFC Women’s Committee member, deputy chairwoman of the JFA Women’s Committee
Fran Hilton-Smith, Technical Director, South African Football Association
Nicola Demaine, Women’s Football Development Officer, Oceania Football Confederation
Vera Pauw, FIFA instructor for women’s football

FIFA administration
Niclas Ericson, Director of TV
Marco Villiger, Director of Legal Affairs
Thierry Weil, Director of Marketing
Tatjana Haenni, Deputy Director of Competitions for Women’s Football