CAIRO: HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, President of the Jordan Football Association and Vice-President of FIFA, has today published his Manifesto to reform football’s world governing body.

The campaign Manifesto, entitled ‘A FIFA Worthy of the World’s Game’, details specific pledges to transform FIFA into a service organisation that is a model of good governance and ethical conduct.

Launching his election Manifesto, Prince Ali said: “My Manifesto for reforming FIFA reflects my discussions with National Associations around the world and the priorities that they have expressed to me. They have told me that they want a FIFA Development Programme which is transparent, fair, generous and flexible – and which delivers tailored support where it is most needed, so that the level of the game rises for all.”

The key pledges detailed in Prince Ali’s Manifesto are:

§  Development:

–        A detailed 10-point proposal for development, including providing more support for National Associations who need it most and more investment in Women’s Football, Women’s and Youth Tournaments, establishing Regional Development Offices and simplifying the FIFA development application process.

–        Enhancing the human aspect of development via establishment of a scholarship and exchange programme for coaches and officials across the sport

–        Ensuring that, within four years, every single Football Association in the world will have what it needs to play the game, including basic infrastructure and equipment.

§  Football and the FIFA World Cup:

–        Energising and ensuring more active roles for all FIFA committees including the Football Committee

–        Evaluating and optimising the international match calendar, reviewing the ranking system and embracing a full and open debate about the place of technology in football.

–        Ensuring that any decisions about FIFA World Cup Expansion are made openly, democratically and for the good of the sport, based on meaningful professional research.

§  Commercial success:

–        Protecting current revenue streams, reducing wasteful spending, and generating significant increases in revenues – therefore increasing the funds available to invest in football around the world.

§  Leadership and corporate responsibility:

–        Transforming FIFA’s approach to governance and embracing a transparent, democratic leadership style which encourages debate, empowers others and ensures a clear understanding of the roles of all within the FIFA administration including the role of the President himself.

–        Enhancing FIFA’s shouldering of corporate responsibilities via robust responses to difficult issues such as player exploitation, racism, match fixing, doping, age testing and stadium security.

Prince Ali added: “It is clear to me that FIFA currently rides rather than drives the success of the beautiful game of football. With good governance, targeted development, and growth in the game around the world, there is a great deal of room for improvement in FIFA’s commercial performance, and National Associations around the world would benefit from a more commercially savvy and successful FIFA capable of generating more money to invest in them and in football.

“I will lead by example and I have a clear vision to accelerate a long-term plan for football development. I am committed to a programme of reform for FIFA that has football’s best interests at heart and I want the game to flourish for generations to come.

“With a new culture of democracy and with leadership that promotes accountability, transparency and integrity, the global football community can unite to form a new FIFA that National Associations, players, fans and all our stakeholders can all be proud to belong to and own.”

Prince Ali’s Manifesto is the result of an extensive international consultation process involving National Association leaders, players, coaches, sponsors, fans and other stakeholders.

Prince Ali’s Manifesto is attached to this email and can also be read here:

Details vision for a virtuous circle of Development, Football and Commercial Success supported by a FIFA that is a service organisation and a model of good governance

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Note to Editors:

FIFA National Associations will vote to decide the President of FIFA at the 2015 FIFA Congress on May 29th in Zurich, Switzerland.

Prince Ali Biography:

Throughout his 16 years in various leadership positions in Football, Prince Ali has been a consistent advocate for development and good governance. At age 39, he is the youngest FIFA Vice-President and the youngest member of the FIFA Executive Committee.

As President of the Jordan Football Association since 1999, Prince Ali has worked to promote unity and develop the sport throughout the region. He founded the West Asian Football Federation in 2000 and launched the Asian Football Development Project in 2012. The non-profit development project aims to develop Football across Asia with a focus on youth development, empowering women, social responsibility and the protection and evolution of the game.

Prince Ali was elected FIFA Vice-President for Asia in 2011. He is also a member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). He serves as Chairman of the Fair Play and Social Responsibility Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Football Committee at FIFA, as well as Chairman of the Social Responsibility Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Development Committee at AFC.

Prince Ali, the son of the late King Hussein and Queen Alia of Jordan, was educated in Jordan, the UK and the U.S., and served in the Jordanian Special Forces. He and his wife, Princess Rym, the daughter of a veteran UN and Algerian diplomat, have two children.

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