LISBON: Luis Figo, who quit the FIFA presidency race a week before Congress in Zurich last week, was delighted by the prospect of Sepp Blatter’s departure from FIFA writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The former World Player of the Year was shocked by the scale and nature of the political manoeuvring he discovered as he toured the world in the pursuit of votes.

He was particularly of the confederations of Africa, Asia and the Americas which all refused to allow challengers to Blatter to speak at their congresses earlier this year.

Hence his particular delight at the news of the impending change of guard.

Figo said: “It’s a good day for FIFA and football. Change is finally coming. As I said in my statement on Friday: the day might be delayed but it is coming. Here it is!

“We must now, in a responsible manner seek a consensual solution in the world to start a new era of dynamism, transparency and democracy in FIFA.”

Figo will now have to consider whether he wants to go through the entire process again.